The Google Maps block allows you to embed a Google Map into your page.

You can add a street address or general area (city, town etc)

DP registered office

The basic Google Maps block enables you to create a map with a pin of your address quickly and easily.

Need a more advanced map?

The standard Google Maps block is great for showing a single location, however your business may have numerous offices and global locations.

For more advanced map facilities please contact your account handler to discuss the options and provide a quotation.

Add a Google Map block

To add a Google Map block simply follow these instructions:

  1. Enter edit mode on the page you wish to add a map to.
  2. Left click on a content area, for example "Add to Main"
  3. Left click on "Add Block" and select "Google Maps" from the list.
  4. Enter a map title (optional), the location you want to display on the map and a zoom level. We recommend a zoom level of 14.
  5. Once you have added these details click the blue "Add" button and you will see a grey square/block where the map will display.
  6. Left click "Preview my edits" to see how the map displays. Left click "Publish my edits" if you're happy.

Edit a Google Maps block

To edit the map once you have added it into the page, simply enter edit mode, left click the area for the map and select "Edit". You can then update the address or zoom level until you're happy.