Create a navigable list of all your sitemap pages or set to show a certain level of links. 

Ideal for creating single lists of links on your website

Use the page list to show a list of links from your website sitemap.

This is ideal for displaying a list of recent news articles or a sub menu of links in a particular section.

Block options

Number and Type of pages - you can limit how many results to show with a number here. You can also show only pages of a specific page type, which can be really handy if you've made page types for types of content. Say you have a press release page type and make press releases under many different product pages throughout your site. Using the Page List you could create one centralized press room by searching the whole site for pages of "Press Release" type and only showing them.

Filter - Featured pages will only display pages that have the the "is_featured" checkbox attribute turned on. Display page aliases will include any alias links to pages that live elsewhere if the alias meets the rest of the limitations.

Pagination - display a simple 'more' interface if there are more results than the number you limited the display to at top.

Location in the website - lets you choose where to pull pages from. Everywhere, beneath this page or beneath another page. You can also choose to include child or sub pages from the page list.

Sort pages - controls the order pages are displayed. You can drag and drop pages around the Dashboard > Sitemap to impact the "sitemap order". Earliest first/oldest first will look at the date created field in the page properties. Alphabetical/Reverse alphabetical will look at the first character of the page name.

Provide RSS feed - create a feed URL on this page with the page title, link and short description for people to use with their feed readers.

Truncate Summaries - lets you display some of the page's short description in the navigation.