Stacks allow you to group or combine a number of blocks together to use in multiple places on your website.

Visit the dashboard and select "Stacks" to see all available stacks on your website or create a new one.

Global area stacks are for blocks which are used on multiple pages such as details in the header, footer etc.

Creating your own stack places it in the "Other stacks" area and allows you to edit a stack once and it be updated throughout your website.

This is ideal for things like reports, document downloads and videos which are featured on multiple pages as you can edit it once instead of multiple times.

Adding a block to a stack

You can add the stack to multiple pages and update it once to change the content on multiple pages.

Simply left click on an editable region and choose "Add stack" instead of "Add block" as your normally would. 

To build a stack, click "Stacks" from the dashboard and enter a new stack name, then select "Add".

The stack will be created so you can left click it and you will be presented with the following options:

  1. Add Block
  2. Version history
  3. Permissions
  4. Delete stack

To add a block, choose "Add Block" and select it from the list, inputting the required data. For a list of standard Concrete5 blocks please click here.


Much like the page versioning available on Concrete5, stacks are also versioned so that you can change it back to a previous copy quickly.

Just left click the Version History button and select the tick box for a previous version and hit approve (thumbs up).