Group your content items together for easy browsing and searching.

Add one file to multiple file sets. Think of it as your websites folder system.

Concrete5 File Sets

You can view all of the images within a file set and drag and drop the order.

To create a file set visit the dashboard and select "File sets" under the "Files" section. 

Here you will view a list of all file sets that have been created and a button to add a new file set. Simply give it a name and follow the instructions below to add your files.

Add files to your file set

Once your file set has been created visit the "File Manager" and you will see all of your images, documents and files listed. 

You can either add a file individual or do multiple items at once. 

  1. For individual files, left click the file and choose "Sets". Tick the box next to the set(s) you wish to add it to and click "Update".
  2. For multiple files, click the tick box next to each file and  from the drop down at the top of the file manager choose "Sets". You can then tick the box for the set you wish to add the files to.