Uploading new/updated files (annual reports, research, etc.) is an important aspect of your website and is easily achieved through Concrete5.

Upload a file

You can access the File Manager from a number of location within the CMS, but for this method we will open it via the dashboard.

  1. Visit the dashboard and click "File manager"
  2. A window will open and to the top right there will be a "Browse" button. 
  3. Left click "Browse" to select an individual file (PDF, image etc)
  4. For multiple file uploads select "Upload multiple".
Note, we set a limit for file uploads (normally 20mb) however if you need this limit increased please let us know.

Download a file

You may need to download files when editing (CV's or user uploads). This can also be done via the File Manager. 

  1. Next to each item in the file manager is a tick box.
  2. Left click the tick box next to the file(s) you want to download.
  3. At the top left of there is a drop down box. 
  4. Left click this and choose "Download".
  5. Your download will begin.

To download multiple files simply left click the tick box next to each item, or to select multiple there is a tick box at the very top of the list