Adding image into content - step-by-step guide.

At the top of the WYSIWYG is the Concrete5 editor bar which integrates the CMS with the WYSIWYG.

Watch the video to see how to upload, add and edit images within content blocks.

Note: Watch in full screen mode to see the detail.

  1. When you have the WYSIWYG editor open, click the "Add Image" button. This button will launch the file manager interface.
  2. From here you can view all the images currently uploaded to the website and you can search or browse through the images.
  3. To use one simply left click on the image and a drop-down menu appears with the option to "Choose" the image. Once you choose an image you’ll be returned to the WYSIWYG and your image will have been inserted.

If you tick the boxes next to the images you also have options to do a group delete, download the image, copy the image, check the image properties and also create file sets.

Upload a new image

Towards the right of the file manager you’ll notice an Add File(s) option. This is where you can add new images to the file manager. You have the option to upload one file at a time or, if you click "Upload Multiple", you can add several files at once.

Position/align an image

In some cases you may want to align, resize and have text wrap around the image.

  1. Once you have inserted the image using the steps above, left click the images itself.
  2. Select the "Insert/Edit image" button and choose the "Appearance" tab.
  3. Change dimensions (enter a figure in pixels).
  4. Choose the alignment you require from the drop down list (left or right).
  5. Add white space around the image using Vertical and Horizontal spacing (again enter pixel value, we recommend 10).

Replace an image

In some cases you may need to upload a new version of an image to replace one currently on the website. Instead of uploading the new image and then swapping it with the old one, thus creating both versions of the file on your server, taking up space, you can do a straight swap. 

Simply open the file manager, left click the image you want to replace and choose "Replace". You can then upload the new version of the image or choose it from the file manager. 

We recommend not changing the dimensions of the image as this could alter its appearance on the page.