Layouts are a quick tool for chopping one block area into smaller block areas.

A quick way of changing the layout of page

Used as a type of "band-aid" solution to page layouts you can quickly change the format of a page using a layout. 

DP create templates with various page layouts to add blocks to. However as your site develops it may require more areas for you to add blocks to. We may also remove this option depending on your requirements and set up.

How to add a layout

  1. Left click on an editable region (surrounded by a grey dotted line) and choose "Add layout". 
  2. This will bring up your layout editor where you can choose the number of columns, rows and spacing. 
  3. You can lock the widths or there is a slider you can move to increase or decrease the width of the column.
  4. You can save a layout as a preset option to use on another page and keep the same settings.

Add rows to a layout


If a layout is already established (for an accordion or tab layout) but you need to add another option, simply follow the instructions below. 

  1. Click the plus icon at the top of the layout
  2. Increase the number of rows depending on how many additional blocks you need to add. 
    1. For example adding two new accordions to a list of 6 would mean increasing the number of rows from 6 to 8.