Easily control the edits you make with page versions in Concrete5

Each time you make an edit the page is saved as a previous version so you can revert back quickly.

Page versions Concrete5

By hovering on the edit button the menu will appear showing a range of information and links. One link will be fore "Versions".

Left click this to bring up the version control panel. Here you will find:

  • ID - version number
  • Comments - Any comments about the last updated made by the user
  • Creator - See which user account made the update
  • Approver - See which user approved the version to go live
  • Created - see the date and time a version was made live

Make a previous page live

If you've made a page live but need to revert back to a previous version, simply left click the tick box next to the previous version and left click the thumb up icon.

This will go straight to live so be warned!

The version that is currently live is shown in bold lettering.

Image versions

Note: Remember that the image will change wherever it is available on the website so be cautious when making changes!

If you have chosen to edit or replace an image you will be able to scale back it's information to a previous version. 

When in the File Manager, left click the image and select "Properties". Click on the "Versions" tab and select the version you wish to be live.