Each page has its own set of custom attributes which control various key elements of your web page

Control META data, hidden pages and more with custom attributes

To access custom attributes navigate to the Full Sitemap and left click a page title, choosing "Properties" from the menu. 

There should be three tabs along the top, the open tab is where you can change the page title. Left click "custom attributes" to view all available page attributes in the left hand column. 

To activate a page attribute simple left click it from the left hand column and it then gets put in the right hand column.

Page attributes and there functions

Concrete5 Custom Attributes

Meta Title - important for search engine optimisation (SEO) and helping your users find your content. Enter your meta page title here (remember it needs to be unique for each page!)

Meta description - again, important for SEO. Enter one or two sentences to summarise the page content. This gets displayed in search engine listings, but don't stuff it with keywords!

Meta keywords - Most major search engines ignor keywords these days so this is not a required factor. It's dwn to you if you provide some, separate them by a comma.