Add subpage will create a new page for you below the current page you’re on. This is a quick way of creating a new page or subsection.

Expand your website with new pages and content.

Add page menu

To create a subpage we recommend navigating to the Full Sitemap and left clicking "Add page". 

A popup box will appear and you’ll be asked to select a page template (Options are named to match layouts already set up on the site).

Note: Layouts will vary between installs based on your cost estimate.

Once you've decided the layout you want, click on it.

Page properties

Add page - properties menu

A form will appear asking you for the page name (that appears in menus), alias (automatically generated), date and time and a description.

The only required field is the Name field. Once you click "Add page" it will be created and added into your sitemap as a child page.

Note: This will be live on the website so you may want to hide it!

Hide a subpage

Custom attribute options

Once the page has been created, left click the new page and select "Properties" from the menu. 

Select "Custom Attributes" and down the left hand side left click on the following:

  • Exclude from Nav
  • Exclude from Page List
  • Exclude from Search Index

You will then need to tick each box and click "Save" to apply these changes. You will still be able to work on the page but it will be hidden from the public domain.