From the Full Sitemap view you can also rearrange pages, change the order and move them to new sections. The change happens to the live page straight away, so be warned!

Moving pages within the sitemap of your website allows it to change when your business does.

From the Full Sitemap view you can rearrange pages, change the order and move them to new sections.

To move the page, simply hover over the page icon of the page in question. Your mouse cursor should change to a compass, then click and drag it to the desired location.

Release the mouse button and the change will take effect.

Watch the video to the right.


Move one page under another so that it acts as a subpage.

You can select "Save old page path" if you wish to keep the URL that the previous page held. This is useful for SEO redirecting.


Creating a page alias means that the page will be stored under both menu items (creating two pages); however, any updates made to one will be applied to the other.

You can also make a copy of the page. Much like an alias this creates two instances of the page; however, you can make changes to the new page without changing the original page.


You can also copy any children or subpages underneath a page with this option. This is useful if you wish to create a new website section based on another established section.