In this section we will walk you through META titles, descriptions and some SEO tips.

Search engine optimisation is all based around your content and how relevant and popular it is compared to all the other websites on the internet. 

Design Portfolio offers more in-depth SEO services to review keywords, tagging and content linking in more depth to offer advice on improving search engine ranking. 

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DP will add in all the basic coding required for your website to be found in all major search engines; however, over time your website will change so you will need to manage this aspect of the website.

Major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) all have various algorithms to work out how popular your content page is. 

Ensuring your content is optimised for search engines is essential in maintaining or improving your rank within search engines. 

Edit your META data

Concrete5 META data

To edit the META title and description you need to navigate to the website sitemap and left click on the page you want to edit, selecting "Properties".

There will be three tabs at the top:

  • Standard properties
  • Custom attributes
  • Page paths and location

Select "custom attributes". 

You will then see a list of attributes down the left hand side which you can add to the page. If you click the "META title" and "META description" boxes, you will be presented with the following screen below:

You can insert a title and description for each page on the website using these boxes; however, you will need to add them in for every page as they need to be different on every page.