In general most websites will utilise a contact form or it may have a survey/form interaction as part of the website.

You can view and download form results into Excel.

Concrete5 reports

Review some basic site statistics, form submissions and logs relating to your Concrete5 website. 

Form results

Download responses into Excel

To download all of the form responses, click "View responses" and then in the top right hand side select "Export to Excel". Your download will begin shortly.

The form results section collates any data from forms on your website which utilise the built-in form builder block. When you click on "Form results" you will be presented with a table like the one below, and the following buttons:

  • View responses - View all data collected by this form
  • Open page - Visit the page the form is located on to amend or add new fields
  • Delete - Delete the form completely from your website (not recommended)


Most corporate websites do not utilise any sort of survey feature and therefore it's unlikely this link will be used too often, if at all.


Design Portfolio may use these logs if there are any problems or errors displaying on the website. 

This is another option that you will not need to use when you're updating your website as it tracks any failed email submissions and any 404 error pages.