Editable areas on a page can be split up in further columns of editable areas. To add a layout: 

  1. Select the Edit Page (Pencil) button on the top toolbar.

  2. Hover over the an editable area on the page - a small label will appear beneath it with the name of the area.

  3. Click the area label and select Add Layout.

  4. The layout controls will appear. Columns will be automatically adjusted as the layouts use Bootstrap. Press the blue Add Layout button to finalise the layout.

  5. Blocks can now be placed into the new layout areas. 

While in edit mode, a layout can be adjusted by clicking on an area label and selecting Edit Container Layout. This will allow you to resize the existing columns. Layouts can also be removed by clicking the trash icon. 

Move your blocks before deleting layouts

When a layout is deleted from a page the blocks within it are also deleted. If you wish to keep the blocks within a layout, move them out of the layout to another area first.

Some themes offer the ability for the broader page layout itself to be changed.

  1. Select the Page Settings (Gear) button on the top toolbar.

  2. Select Design

  3. Under Page Template you will see a list of available page templates (click the Expand option to see them all)

  4. Select the Page Template you wish to use. The page will refresh to preview the layout.

  5. Select the green ‘Save Changes’ button to save the page with the newly selected layout.