Deleting Pages

Via the sitemap, left click on the page you wish to delete to bring up a menu. Click on Delete to delete the page and move it to the ‘Trash’.

Restoring Pages

Pages that are deleted in concrete5 are not deleted completely - they are moved to a ‘Trash’ section within the sitemap, from where you can restore them if necessary.

To view the Trash:

• Click the Dashboard button on the toolbar and select Sitemap.
• Check the
Include System Pages in Sitemap checkbox, the Trash section will now be visible. • Drag pages out of the Trash section to restore them. 

When a page is published previous revisions of the page are retained. To view previous versions of a page:

  1. Select the Page Settings button on the top toolbar.

  2. Select Versions.

  3. Click on a page version - it will be previewed

  4. While hovering over a page version, click the arrow icon next to the timestamp of the version

    to bring up a menu

  5. Select Approve to make that version the current visible version of the page