A block is some content or functionality you can edit from within a page in concrete5. Think of LEGO, these are the actual building blocks that go together to make the pages of your site. There are many types of blocks. 

All your in-context editing is performed by dragging Blocks into Block Areas. These areas hold the content and functionality blocks that make up your web pages.

Adding blocks to a template area

To add a block to a page, enter edit mode and then left click a template area name. For example there may be a content area called Main content which you will see when you hover your mouse.

Left click the title and a menu will appear with an option to Add block. This will bring up the list of blocks to the left hand side of the page so you can select the type of block you require.

Or, using the page editing toolbar at the top left of the page, a side menu will appear with the list of blocks which you can drag and drop into an area.